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Wishlist Notification (Magento Extensions)

Webinse Wishlist Notification

If you need to check Wishlist and display information of all clients in one place instead of the default wishlist for each customer separately, this extension is for you. It would be rather helpful for your store administration.

Webinse Wishlist Notification was made for your convenience – you can check your most active and valuable customers in one grid. When a customer adds some product to a wishlist, you can see what people like and want to buy. Your aim is to put all the efforts to make them buy this item and our extension will help you.

The main specifics of our extension is that you can send an email to one or to a list of customers to remind them about the things they wanted to buy!


  • You can oversee all the items in the wishlists of all the customers in one grid.
  • Grid page contains all the useful information and links to customer and product pages.
  • You can email recent customer or all the customers you’ve selected.
  • You can delete on the grid page any item for any client.
  • You may customize email options in the System => Configuration => Webinse.

    Administration & Configuration

    All features and user interfaces are fully configurable, installation requires little time and can be controlled from the Magento Administration Panel.

    Version and Compatibility

    Webinse Wishlist Notification Extension version 0.1.8 is compatible with Magento Community Edition version 1.7-1.9.2

    Click here to see the Documentation


    Jun 21 2016 – Version 0.1.8 Fixed Wishlists grid issues

    Apr 13 2016 – Version 0.1.6 Small bug fixig

    Mar 25 2016 – Version 0.1.5 Fixed pagination issue on Wishlists grid

    Mar 14 2016 – Version 0.1.2 Prefix tables compatibility

    Jul 03 2015 – Version 0.1.1 Reformatted code with Webinse Style

    Jul 04 2014 – Version 0.1.0 Initial Release